treatments for flea bites

The Best Treatments for Flea Bites

treatments for flea bitesOur pets can bring into the home a variety of outdoor elements. We are used to dirt being tracked in, as well as the occasional dead animal that our dogs or cats may want to bring in order to show appreciation. In addition to this, there are a variety of bugs that pets can also introduce into the home, with fleas being a primary example. Once fleas arrive in the home, it can be a bit difficult to eliminate their presence. Unfortunately, these critters can find their way around the home easily and sometimes will find their way onto humans. Flea bites are not pleasant and most just want to eliminate their occurrence. If you have recently been bitten by fleas and want to treat the affected areas, then continue reading to find best treatments for flea bites.

Flea bite treatment – best ways

Soapy Water

soapy water for flea bites treatmentFlea bites can cause swelling and pain when they occur in large numbers, but you do have the power to treat them. The first thing you can do is draw a bath or bowl of warm, soapy water. By washing the area, you will help remove any fleas on the skin and any contaminants in the area. Next, apply an antiseptic to the area and wrap an icepack around the affected region. If you do not have an icepack, then look for something in your freezer to substitute. By keeping ice on the area for ten minutes, then removing it for ten minutes and alternating for an hour, you’ll reduce swelling, infection and inflammation caused by these bites.

Special Lotions

flea bites lotions treatmentAnother way that you can treat any allergic reaction or swelling from flea bites is through the use of calamine or hydrocortisone creams. Hydrocortisone cream is used for swelling and itching, and contains some steroids in a mild form that will reduce inflammation. Calamine helps primarily with itching, and will dry fairly quickly. Either of these lotions can be purchased over the counter and are safe to be used by virtually everyone.


flea bites allergic reaction doctorIf the swelling has caused a significant allergic reaction, then you probably will want to see about obtaining some antihistamines to help with the flea bites. There are several different types of antihistamines on the market, with each one having a particular use or function. Some people are allergic to ingredients in some forms, so an alternative may be necessary. If you are unsure which one is right for you, then please consult with a doctor before taking any. You can purchase most antihistamines over the counter in drug and grocery stores.

Final Thoughts on Treatments for Flea Bites

Any flea bite should be taken seriously, as it can cause an array of issues if left untreated. Fleas are dirty creatures and as such, you should always wash the affected area, apply an antiseptic and take any additional measures – such as the use of lotions or antihistamines – to further minimize the impact of the bites. Once you have done so, you can get back to the real task at hand – eliminating their presence from your home!

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