Ways to avoid insect bites

Insects that bite can make summer a nightmare if you do not know how to avoid them. They live all over the world, and tend to be more prevalent during the summer when the weather, and human beings, are warmer and conditions are ripe for breeding. You can stave off nasty nips and irritations caused by these tiny, yet highly effective creatures, in various ways.

Shower and exfoliate

As body odors can attract insects the first step to preventing them feasting upon you is to begin your day by showering to get rid of the natural scent created by your body. Exfoliating regularly will help remove impurities from skin pores that can result in bacteria that emit Kairomone.

Using citronella and lemongrass shampoo will help keep insects at bay, as will showering directly after exercise or strenuous activity.

Insect repellent

The next step is to apply an effective insect repellent such as Deet or Incognito. Spray your chosen repellent all over your body, taking care to put plenty on areas where your skin is thinnest, such as your wrists, hairline and ankles, as this is where insects prefer to attack. If you like to use a natural insect repellent, consider catnip.

Researchers have discovered that the essential oil in the herb is ten times more effective than DEET as a repellent when the leaves are crushed and rubbed over skin.
You can also apply repellent to your clothing, however, read information that accompanies it to check it will not cause damage. Incognito is said to be fine applied to most fabrics, whereas DEET could cause problems.


Wear long sleeves and pants. Tuck your pants into your socks, your top into your pants, and make sure your sleeves are not open or flimsy around your wrist area. You may find wearing a silk scarf can add protection to your neck and that a wide brimmed hat will also offer further protection.

Studies show that floral patterns, and the colors blue, black and green, attract insects such as mosquitoes. Avoid wearing clothing in these colors and choose light colored garments instead. Do not forget to check that there are no insects in your clothing before putting them on. There probably will not be mosquitoes in them, but there could be ticks.

Chemical scents

Not only human body odor excites insects. They also love scented laundry detergent, perfumes, cologne, scented soap, shampoo, bath bubbles, lotions and potions. For this reason use products with as little scent as possible.


There are some herbs insects love and others they dislike. Lavender attracts them, whereas marjoram, catnip, yarrow and marigolds, when planted around your garden, will help deter them.


Where you are and what you are doing will make a big difference as to whether you are likely to be troubled by insects. If you are having a picnic or barbecue, fizzy drinks, syrups and sauces will smell divine to insects and draw them towards you.
Many also love the flickering light of candles. They do not like citronella garden joss sticks however, so place them strategically around the area you intend to be. Sit on outdoor chairs around a table if possible, and avoid settling in places where the grass is long.

Both wasps and mosquitoes like water. Mosquitoes prefer swampy, muggy, damp areas, and their larvae can often be seen swimming close to the surface. Once spotted scoop them out to prevent the next batch from bothering you before they are able to fly, and avoid spending time near stagnant water where they accumulate.

Many flying insects find getting around when it is windy tough, and avoid too much travel when it rains. You probably will not like being out in the rain either, however, you could choose to spend time outdoors when it is breezy if you have a choice, rather than when it is still and hot.


Naturally, if an insect is coming straight for you your instinct will be to move away, and you probably should. However, have you noticed that insects hang around people who flap and become anxious and concerned about them a lot? This could be because people sweat more when they are agitated or afraid and give off a subtle scent insects enjoy. At the same time, excessive movement seems to be attractive to them. Therefore, try to remain calm and confidently move away from insects rather than waving your arms and jumping up and down.


It may seem excessive to shower twice a day, however, if you tend to perspire in the heat you will become a mosquito magnet at night. Have a shower if necessary before retiring, and use a mosquito net around your bed.

Insects which bite can be annoying, and at their worst painful or deadly. You are likely to be able to avoid excessive problems however, if you take preventative measures and apply protection.

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